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  • Stem Cell Therapy

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Innovative Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapies

Stem Cell Therapy

Harnessing stem cells to cure disease is the hottest topic in injury and arthritis treatment today. By stimulating the adult stem cells found in our own bodies, we can amplify and speed up the natural healing process as well as grow new bone and cartilage to rebuild joints without the need for artificial replacements.

AmnioStem Cellular Transplant
Safe and Time-Proven Alternative to Joint Replacement

At Cendant Cellular Therapies, we provide our patients with the most recent technological advancements available for treating orthopedic injuries and conditions. Our AmnioStem Cellular Transplant provides treatment to repair damaged cartilage, restore function, eliminate pain and to prevent further joint destruction. The patient’s Adipose derived stem cells are combined with Amnion Extracellular Matrix and Platelet Rich Plasma which are then injected at the site of injury. This procedure offers a viable alternative to many who are facing surgery or are suffering from chronic pain.

The AmnioStem Cellular Transplant is a virtually painless procedure that takes 2 hours and is performed under local anesthesia. It requires little to no downtime and is effective, fast and safe.

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What our patients say

  • Mike-Smith2-golf

    My over all results are very good, my knee does not hurt (95% less pain) I never wear a knee support any more. My Orthopedic Dr. said he would not recommend a knee replacement at this time. Given, that before I started stem cell therapy, I was told I should have had a knee replacement 2 years prior, this is amazing.

    David Serano,

  • p4

    I have seen very good improvement since my stem cell treatment and I continue to improve. I can put my shoes and socks on with a minimum of discomfort. Walking up the steps is much improved. I am beginning to use both feet to step up instead of using just one and dragging the other.

    Bob Stenson,

  • download

    Three months ago I received the stem cell treatment and the results have been positive. My pain hasn't disappeared completely but I feel improvements and continuing to strengthen, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and today I can go out. Also I have the confidence that this is the ultimate solution to the pain in my knees.

    Jared Fillmore,

  • JulieHopkins

    I would like to personally thank you for completing the Stem Cell therapy on my shoulder. Not only after three weeks do I have absolutely no pain in my shoulder I was able to avoid having invasive shoulder surgery with a long recovery period.

    Julia Pearson,

  • mike-smith-atheist-candidate

    The PRP-Stem Cell Procedure you performed has resulted in significant improvement in my right shoulder. As you know, when I first consulted you, I was in constant pain and had very limited mobility in the right arm and shoulder as well as functional limitations.

    Mike Billings,